Clojure deftype with `unsynchronized-mutable`

A use-case for the unsynchronized-mutable and some related Java knowledge

Make Elasticsearch Query Profiling Faster in Kibana

A little trick on how to profile complex Elasticsearch queries that target many shards.

lmgrep Text Analysis

lmgrep exposes easy to use interface to work with Lucene text analysis

Silencing the Lenovo Thinkpad P53 on Linux

A battle story on how I’ve managed to silence the the Lenovo P53 lapton

lmgrep - Lucene Based grep-like Utility

Introduction to lmgrep: what is it and what it isn’t. My a motivation to build it.

How to Prevent Data Corruption in Elasticsearch When Using Kafka Connect Elasticsearch Sink Connector

A shout-out about a lurking bug in the Kafka Connect Elasticsearch Sink connector

How to Use Elasticsearch Ingest Pipelines with Kafka Connect Elasticsearch Sink Connector

A workaround on how to leverage the Elasticsearch Ingest Pipelines when using Kafka Connect

A Neat Trick with Elasticsearch Normalizers

In this article I’ll explain what the normalizer is and show it’s use case for normalizing URLs.

Deploy babashka script to AWS Lambda

Adventures with babashka and AWS Lambda.

Using Search Templates in Elasticsearch

A couple of examples and notes on using Elasticsearch search templates